In this episode, we share tools and techniques to engage all learners.  Megan Sova-Tower joins us to dialogue about UDL in her classroom.  And, we discuss the first draft of the new Iowa Digital Learning Plan.

We've added a new member to the Friendly Disruption team -- Patrick Donovan!  In this episode, we share tools to assist with color blind learners (Color Enhancer and Chrome Daltonize), hear from CCSD teacher Ernie Cox on how he uses Read&Write with his 10th-grade literacy students, and Patrick talks about his ISTE Ignite Session.  Another minor change, I've included the full version of "Against History" (our opening music) by Dan Wilson to the end of the show.  This song is used with permission and is not only a great song but also a great thematic fit.

In this Episode, Maggie and I discuss our reflections from ITEC 2017 including our session. Here's the Google slide deck for this presentation.

In this Episode, Maggie and I visit with Buddy Berry, superintendent of Eminence Schools in Eminence, Kentucky.  We also demo the mobile app, Prizmo for capturing analog text and converting it to digital text.

In this episode, I visit with Kevin Brookhouser author of Code in Every Class and The 20Time Project.  Unfortunately, Maggie could not join us this week due to a family emergency.  However, she was able to share some great resources for Google Chrome that are great for personalized learning and accessibility.

In this episode, we talk about the future of digital learning with Infinite Campus founder and CEO Charlie Kratch.  We also look at the website Wonderopolis.  Enjoy!

In this episode, we visit with Dr. Scott McLeod and take a look at the writing tool, Grammarly.

In this episode, we visit national speaker and assistive tech consultant Estin Talavera @estintalavera.  As a sight-impaired learner and now educator, Estin has some fascinating and valuable insights on instruction for all teachers and learners.

This week we look at an awesome tool, Snap&Read, as well as visit with internationally acclaimed educator, Kevin Honeycutt.  As always, you can follow us on Twitter  (@fdisruption) to get more information.

This week we overview Google Read&Write and talk student engagement with Dr. Jerry Valentine, creator of the Instructional Practices Inventory.  Here are some quick references for Google Read&Write -- toolbar guide and brief tutorial video.  Don't forget to follow us on Twitter -- @FDisruption #FrienldlyDisruption.

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