The ISASP window is now open in Iowa.  Patrick discussed his district's experience with using this new assessment and it's built-in accessibility tools.

The live ITEC show!  Patrick, Craig, and Maggie discuss learning from this year's conference through an accessibility lens including the keynote from Ken Shelton -- intercultural access to technology or "techquity." 

In this episode we preview new accessibility features in iOS 12.  We also talk to CAST technical assistance specialist, Dr. Luis Perez.  Great insights into how to leverage UDL and AEM to improve instruction.

This is our mid-summer, year in review discussion.  A number of great, powerful tools are reviewed, and Patrick shares his experience at ISTE as well as some ideas on how RAGBRIA and accessibility are related.

In this episode, we visit with uPar developer, Denise Decoste.  Powerful conversation about reading and how tools like uPar can be used to life-changing impact on students.

This episode is all about OERs (Open Educational Resources).  They are great content for supplementing existing curriculum or even fully replacing it.   And, the best news is they're free!  Josh Allen joins us to talk about his experiences with OERs and the Go Open movement.  For all links to all of the resources discussed in this episode, check out our blog.

Incredible conversation with Kelli and Daniel from the Patins Project in Indiana.  CCSD's own Lindsey Spears joined us as well to discuss what it means to be a reader.  Patrick shared a couple of great Chrome extensions that clean up websites to make them less distracting.  

In this episode, we visit with Don Johnston president, Ruth Ziolkowsky.  We discussed how digital tools are essential supports for student agency.  Patrick will be a featured speaker at the Iowa 1:1 conference on April 4th. 

In this episode, we discuss various OCR tools that teachers can use to create screen-readable documents.  We also have a great discussion of UDL and personalized learning with Cedar Rapids Associate Superintendent, Noreen Bush.

In this episode, we talk about the extensions NoCoffee and Wave.  We also have great conversation with UDL guru Kirk Behnke.

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